2018 Holiday Season Best

Happy Holiday !

We ship 1000 items a month to overseas. Let's pick up 3 of this year 's recommendations.

1. Otamatone

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Otamatone is a fun instrument that is perfect for this season. Please watch the following movie.

How to Use

2. SATOLEX Tubomi DH298-A1

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It is an earphone made in Japan. When buying made in Japan with famous brand such as SONY, it is very expensive. However, this earphone is less than 50USD !!
High resolution is supported. High resolution and clearness of middle to high range are sold. It's an honorable earphone. I want you to try purchasing.


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Without glue, cut off from the metallic board in turn, fold it with pliers and make it. It may be a little difficult (15 years old and over recommended), but it can be assembled in a few hours. And metallic is cool.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and joy.
Thank you,