BANDAI Tamagotchi m! X Melody m! X ver. Blue NEW from Japan

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Papa similar?! Like mama?! I have never seen such a Tamagotchi!
Tamagotchi this time will grow as Tamagotchi does not see much to grow up if you grow up!
If you go to various places to go out and get along with Tamagotchi proposal!
If you succeed safely, m! X children will be born!

As you get bigger, do you like dads and moms, occasionally like your ancestors?

Tamagotchi who can m! x can have 27 characters!
Because there are Tamagotchi that can only be done at the Tamagotchi m! X station at the toy shop, it is super fun to grow different looks Tamagotchi every time!

Tamagotchi m! With excitement that you do not know what to grow up, raise your own Tamagotchi, and brag about your friends
Battery used: AA 4 x 2 (sold separately)

Melody m! X ver. 'S limited going saki is a melody land, limited character is a melodic orchestra two characters.
Please check the Tamagotchi m! X station installation store on the Tamagotchi official website.

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