Block Labo Anpanman Glitter Kokoro's Aquarium Block Set (World Block Series) NEW

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From Anpanman's Block Item Block Lab, popular house block series The aquarium block set of sparkling kira Kira appeared.
Items with various blocks that make the aquarium image.
Because it is a block, I can play with my favorite aquarium.
Of course you can look at the picture of the package and make it in the same way.
As attention parts, there is a large transparent block of a tank motif, you can lay out in a beautiful and elegant aquarium.
In addition, we can enjoy playing with animals in animal blocks such as sea lions, sea otters, white eggs, penguins and anpanmans of doll blocks appearing in rearing members.
There are plenty of block items you love! Let's play at the aquarium in the block laboratory!

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