Picktam! K RETURN OF KINGS Strap 8 Pcs BOX Set ORANGE ROUGE NEW from Japan

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K RETURN OF KINGS is joining the Picktam! Series!
The characters of the anime series 'K RETURN OF KINGS' are joining the Picktam! series of rubber straps with exchangeable expressions! The set includes eight different characters including Isana Yashiro, Yatogami Kuroh, Suoh Mikoto, Kusanagi Izumo, Yata Misaki, Munakata Reisi, Fushimi Saruhiko and Hisui Nagare. Each character's face part had two sides each with a different expression, allowing you to pick the one that suits your mood best each day!

PVC trading strap accessories. A total of 8 to collect. Each approximately 60mm in height (varies slightly between characters).

*It may be aligned not all in one box.
Please note that the art and photos may vary to some degree from the actual products.

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