RENESAS GR-LYCHEE ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1LU mbed enabled from Japan

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GR-LYCHEE is an IoT prototyping board with camera and wireless(Wi-Fi, BLE). And GR-LYCHEE is the GR reference board for RZ family RZ/A1LU group products. Pin-compatible with Arduino UNO and ARM mbed enabled development platform. You can also sketch like Arduino with Renesas Web Compiler and IDE for GR. 

  • Enable to get an image of VGA (640 x 480) with attached camera. When transferring with USB CDC, transfer rate of 60 fps can be realized.
  • OpenCV V3.2 is applied and various SDKs are provided. You can enjoy computer vision right away.
  • Equipped with ESP32. Cloud connection with Wi-Fi, smartphone communication with BLE possible.
  • Equipped with 4-pole audio jack. Audio input / output is possible.
  • SD card can be inserted. FlashAir™ is also OK.(Refer to "About FlashAir Connection")
  • mbed™ easy programming. If you copy it to storage, you can run it.
  • Optional USB A connector can be equipped. Can be used for connection of USB memory etc.
Micro processor RZ/A1LU (R7S721030VCFP 176pin QFP)
ROM/RAM External FLASH 8MB/internal 3MB
Operating Frequency 384MHz
RTC clock 32.768Hz
Operating Voltage 3.3V/1.18V

Camera Shikino High-Tech KBCR-M04VG-HPB2033
VGA 640x480, up to 60fps
Horizontal angle 98 degree, vertical angle 75 degree

Board Function Camera interface (camera module included)
ESP32 wireless module (Wi-Fi, BLE)
USB peripheral(micro B connector)
USB host (option)
4 pole audio input / output jack
SD socket
LCD connector
User button switch(2 pcs)
Reset button switch
JTAG interface
Connector for Arduino shield(option)
LED for user(4 pcs)

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