RENESAS GR-PEACH-FULL Embeds ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1H mbed enabled from Japan

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GR-PEACH is the GR reference board for RZ family RZ/A1H group products. Fully pin-compatible with Arduino UNO, GR-PEACH is an ARM® mbed™ enabled development platform. GR-PEACH takes advantage of Web browser-based program development and a robust library selection. With the added appeal of 10MB of built-in RAM and the processing power of ARM Cortex™-A, GR-PEACH was created for the developer interested high-speed prototyping of IoT devices with loads of HMI -- graphics, touch panel, camera input, audio, network and more!

Microcontroller: RZ/A1H (R7S721001VCBG 324-pin BGA)
ROM/RAM: External FLASH 8MB/internal 10MB
Operating Frequency: 400MHz
Operating Voltage: 3.3V/1.18V
Board Function: USB host/peripheral (exclusive selection), Ethernet, XBee interface, micro SD socket, JTAG interface, user switch, reset switch, Arduino shield interface, user LEDs, USB mass storage class-like programming.

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