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Bunmeigincho Yanagiba Thin Style Kitchen Knife 21 cm Kitchenware NEW from Japan

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A West Japan style sashimi kitchen knife.
A Japanese knife that is excellence for cutting, peeling and trimming, as well as for the preparation and fileting the soft flesh of fish.
The blade of the knife is made of special steel specialized for knife including molybdenum steel for excellent sharpness and durability.
This sharpness of the blade allow cooks to make one smooth pull to cleanly cut through delicate ingredients, resulting in perfect, glossy slices with no bruises, no rough surfaces.
Note: "Yanagiba"is a sashimi knife that was born in the Kansai region of Japan. Single-edged thin and long shape. Due to its length, it functions well at slicing raw fish (sashimi).


Blade: Single-edged

Length: 36.5 cm

Blade Length: 21 cm

Weight: Approx. 110 g

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