CAPTAIN STAG M-5504 Laguna Stainless Steel Cooker L Set Outdoor Cookware NEW

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4 piece of stainless steel cookware set (20 cm pot, 16 cm pot, 22 cm frying pan, kettle cooker 900 ml).
Durable and hyegenic stainless steel.
Convenient for storage.

Size(Storage): Approx. Dia.220mm x H150mm
Weight: Approx. 2kg
Material: Stainless
Country of origin: Japan

Set Contents:
200mm Pot x 1
Lid (200mm)
160mm Pot x 1
Lid (160mm) x 1
220mm Frying Pan x 1
Kettle Cooker 900ml x 1
Lid (Kettle Cooker) x 1
Handle x 1

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