Captain Stag UG-2902 Portable Pizza Stove Camping Outdoor Gear from Japan

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This barbecue stove is suitable to be used for grilling pizza.
Besides pizza, it is also works best with hearty foods such as chicken and fish.
This grill is made of stainless steel and proves to be resistant to rust and durability.
The coals are burn on top of the stove known as 'the top oven system' which heats from above.
Charring the dough in the stove will gets you a plump and an extra smoky flavor.
The stove also comes with a hole to insert the thermometer.
But the thermometer is sold separately.
The stove comes with a detachable handle hook pizza tray.
It can be compactly folded.
Comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry anywhere.

Size: Approx. 350 mm x 310 mm x 140 mm
Size (Storaged): Approx. 430 mm x 320 mm x 75 mm
Tray Size: 250 mm x 250 mm
Material: Stainless Steel, Iron
Weight: Approx. 1.8 kg
Set Contents: Main Body, Tray, Storage Bag

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