DOSHISHA Ice Tray with Lid M Size DKKM-CUP for Snow Cone Maker NEW from Japan

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  • Size (mm): Dia.80 x H50

  • Material: PE

  • Capacity: about 225ml

  • Compatible Models: IS-T-1278B, IS-T-1278P, IS-T-1278G, IS-T-1378P, IS-T1378NT ,IS-T137B-D, IS-T137P-D, IS-KT-1288, IS-DR-1289, IS-PM-1293, IS-OP-1394, IS-CS-1291 ,IS-T-1478B, IS-T-1478O, IS-T-1478P, IS-KT-1488, IS-DR-1489, IS-PM-149 , IS-RK-1494, IS-T-147BZ, IS-T-147PZ, IS-T-147OZ, IS-T-147BS, IS-T-147PS, IS-T-147SR, IS-CS-1491, IS-T-1578B, IS-T-1578P, IS-KT-1588, IS-DR-1589, IS-RK-1594 ,IS-T1578BD, IS-T1578BZ, IS-T1578PZ, DCSP-1351, DCSP-1451, DCSP-1551, DCSP-1551W, DCSP-1551R, DCSP-1551D, IS-T-1678B, IS-T-1678P, IS-KT-1688, IS-DR-1689, IS-FY-16, DTY-16BK, DCSP-1651I, DCSP-1651P, DCSP-1651W, DCSP-1651D, IS-T1678BD

Set contents:

  • Main Body

  • Lid

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