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EVERNEW EBY254 Ti Alcohol Stove Titanium NEW from Japan

Original price $40.38 - Original price $40.38
Original price $40.38
$40.38 - $40.38
Current price $40.38
Weighing in at less than 6 ounces and unencumbered by heavy fuel canisters, this ultra portable stove makes cooking wherever you may desire a hassle-free experience.

Why backpack with a heavy, space-wasting canister stove when you can measure and carry the exact amount of fuel you'll need for a trip? Evernew's alcohol stove brings you the benefits of an easy, hot stove without the weight, cost, and maintenance requirements of a white gas/kerosene or butane/propane stove.

The bi-level jet system creates a strong, stable flame, and the volume markings inside the stove make it simple to know how much fuel you're using for a given meal.

  • Weight: 1.2oz / 34g
  • Size: Dia. 2.81 (Inner dia. 1.54 inches) x H 1.65 inches / Dia. 7.1 (Inner dia. 3.9cm) x H 4.2cm
  • Fuel Capacacity: 70ml
  • Material: Body Titanium (glass wool core built-in)
  • Maid in Japan
Note: The Ti Alcohol Stove works best with denatured alcohol (a cheap and readily available fuel), though grain alcohol and methyl alcohol  are viable alternatives.