Global GSS-02 Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener Kitchenware NEW from Japan

Save 2%
Global 2 Stage Ceramic Knife Sharpener.
Maintain the razor edge of your Global knives with this efficient manual sharpener from Japan.
Manual sharpener that is safe and easy to use, designed to professionally sharpen your knives right at home with minimal pressure.
This sharpener is developed by Suehiro Co., Ltd.
The company created this sharpener specifically to cater Global knives.
Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass.
Please make sure to use a wooden or plastic cutting board so that it doesn't destroy your knife edge.
The knife is not suitable for cutting through bones, frozen food or other hard produce such as pumpkin or corn as it may chip or break the blade.
Due to differences in monitors, the colors of the products shown in this website may vary slightly from actual products.

Blade: Double-edged
Length: cm
Blade Length: cm
Blade Width: cm
Weight: Approx. g

Please note that the art and photos may vary to some degree from the actual products.

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