HARIO TCA-5 Coffee Syphon Technika 5cup model NEW from Japan

by Hario
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HARIO TCA-5 Coffee Syphon Technika

Most of the syphon coffee Shoppe use this hario Technica series.
The bottom orb is filled with water, which, when heated, rises to the top orb and saturates the coffee grounds.
To complete the brew cycle, simply remove the heat and allow the coffee to return to the bottom.This elegant brewer allows for greater control and user input over the entire brewing process and yields a clean coffee with no sediment and pronounced flavors.
  • It is a stand which can use a business-use gas burner and an alcohol lamp. 
  • A 5 cup model will brew approximately 20oz of coffee.
  • Includes a filter cloth, Alcohol burner, plastic stirring paddle with integrated measuring spoon and stand. 
size:6.3 x 4.3 x 14.2 inches
weight:3 pounds

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