Nikon Fieldmicroscope Fabre Mini from Japan

by Nikon
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  • Compact, portable body
  • 20x magnification
  • Stereoscopic microscope
  • Water resistant

Magnification (x) : 20x (fixed)
Optical system: Upright, unreversed image; eyepiece diopter adjustable for right eye; 51-to-72mm interpupillary distance adjustment
Field of vision (mm): 11 (diameter)
Angle of view (º): 12.6
Vertical adjustment: 42mm from the base of stage
Eye relief (mm): 12.8
Plate: Removal and reversible (top: flat; underside: built-in cup)
Dimensions (mm): (In use) 156-202 (H)x89 (D)x90 (W) (Folded close) 124 (H)
Weight (g): Approx. 395

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