Plarail MAGNETIC LEVITATION Linear liner Superconductivity Series L0 Special Set

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Material:ABS , POM , PET , TPR , PVC , PBT
Height to fly than rail: about 2mm[Station]- Station of linear liner with four function- Function (1): it is equipped with a speed-sensing center, to display the scale speed of each round to monitor. Scale mileage can also be displayed in the switching of the monitor.- Function (2): Control the stop departure of the vehicle in the middle lever.- Function (3): and stop departure of operation and driving speed, voice announcement is linked.- Function (4): Charge the vehicle on a dedicated cable. It sustained 20 minutes traveling at 30 minutes of charging.[Overpass]- Ogatayama rack road bridge model according to the linear test line in Yamanashi.- For the first time adopted a Nielsen Rose Bridge in Japan as the railway bridge.[Tunnel]- Yamanashi Test Line tunnel buffer Kou model.- Real Similarly, design a porous plate for the micro-pressure wave mitigation.[Mechanism of linear liner magnetic force levitation, magnetic force traveling]And the magnet and the coil mounted on a vehicle, it emerged and running in a non-contact by repelling the magnet attached to the rail.- Mechanism commentary emerged: the belt-shaped magnet mounted to a rail, about 2mm body is levitated by repulsive forces of the four magnets are mounted to the four corners of the vehicle bottom.

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