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R. Cocco base string RC 4 G N nickel. 045 -. 105 NEW from Japan

by coco-R
Original price $47.32 - Original price $47.32
Original price $47.32
$47.32 - $47.32
Current price $47.32

R. Cocco Senior strings use only traditional string-making machines and high-quality materials, and we are stubbornly sticking to the hand-rolled handmade by craftsmen now. Compared to the instrument itself, the quality of strings and characters are prone to be neglected, and as a result I think that there are not many cases using strings that are safe, but pay attention one by one carefully, The goodness of the strings carefully made with human hands, there are exceptional things, which brings out the merit of the instrument even more. Richard Cocco Senior string has a long history, rich experience, a tremendous amount of trial and error, excellent ideas gained from collaboration with great musicians, reliable and secure sense of hands by skilled craftsmen with reliable production techniques , All these elements are tied together, the one taste and the second taste feel different, it is a string with a very high quality.