THERMOS Family Fresh Lunch Box 3.9 L Red DJF-4003 R NEW from Japan

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Size (approx): Width 26.5x Length 18.5x Height 13cm (7.5cm when stored)
Material Material:
Container lid body partition / polypropylene, packing / silicone, exclusive cold-storage bag / polyester (fabric inside cloth) foam polyethylene (cushion (heat insulating material))
Producing countries: China
Capacity: 3920 ml (2550 ml x 1, 950 ml x 1, 420 ml x 1)
Approximate: 4-6 people
Set contents: 1 container (2550 ml), 1 container (950 ml), 1 container (420 ml), 1 dedicated cold storage bag x 1
A family lunch box for plenty of side dishes
After eating, the container and pouch are compact

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