YAXI Comfort LTH-900 Replacement Ear Pads for TH900/TH610 Leather Ver. NEW

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  • Compatible Model: FOSTEX TH900/TH610/TH900MKⅱ/TH600/TH500RP/TH-X00, HIFIMAN SUNDORA/HE560/HE350/HE300/HE400/HE4/HE5/HE6/HE5LE (HIFIMAN dedicated mounting ring required), MrSpeakers ETHER FLOW/ETHER C, DENON AT-D7000/AH-D5000/AH-D2000

Set contents:

  • Ear Pads

*"Headphones" is not included.

Please note that the art and photos may vary to some degree from the actual products.

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