YAXI Replacement Headphones Earpads for HD25 typeB-RED NEW from Japan

Save 2%
forHD 25 typeB earpads are developed for a greater appreciation of music which is heard without the influence of extraneous sounds.
The surface of the eapads are made of high-graded protein leather. And the inner diameter are made of ployurethane leather to reduce the bass resonance. Its slow-rebound sponge makes the earpads cover your ears softly and closely. And the whole earpad is sewed all by hand.
Stop the outside sounds, immerse youself in the music anytime any where!
forHD 25 typeB earpads are sold by pair.

  • Model : HD25TB-RED
  • Color: Red
  • Compatible models: HD25-1II / HD25 Amperior / HD25 ALUMINIUM  / HD25 SP / AIAIAI TMA-1

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