YAXI stPad2 Replacement Leather Ear Pads Black for MDR-CD900st / ATH-MSR7 NEW

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  • Compatible Model: SONY MDR-CD900st/7506/CD700/V6, Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 / M20X / M30X / M40X / M50X/ WS1100/ PRO5MK3 / DSR7BT / SR9 / DSR9BT, JVC HA-MX100-Z/MX10-B/CLASS-S WOOD HA-SW01/SW02, ULTRASONE Signature Studio / DJ / HFI-580, SOUNDWARRIOR SW-HP10 / HP11 / HP20, Mitchell and Johnson GL2/GL1/JP1, Pioneer SE-MSST-K / HRM—6 PRO, TAGO STUDIO TAKASAKI T3-01, SENNHEISER HD280 PRO MK2, YAMAHA HPH-MT8 / MT120, beyer dynamic DJ250/80, maxell MXH-MD5000, Meze 99C’s

  • Color: Black

Set contents:

  • Ear Pads

*"Headphones" is not included.

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