YOSHIRITSU LaQ Dinosaur World Dino Kingdom NEW from Japan

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Let's make a dinosaur kingdom with only you! A large set with a storage case is added to the real and cool Dinosaur series! With the action gimmick that the mouth and the tail of the main 'Teirex' moves Movable expression more powerful It is possible! If you add parts, you can reconfigure it to "feather telex". Also popular large dinosaur "BRAKIO SAULS" also moves neck and leg! Other 14 types of dinosaur such as "Spinoosaurus" carnivorous dinosaur with tweezers "Tea Rex" and "Kentorosaurus" charm of back spawn are recombined With instructions. Easy plane works can also be made. This time it collaborates with "Kodansha's moving illustrations _ MOVE"! With Kodansha's popular figure "MOVE" with separate dinosaur commentary!

[Contents of set] LaQ parts 980pcs (red / blue yellow green green orange white all seven colors) plus special parts 8pcs (Hama clone mini wheel 4pcs, Hama clone mini shaft 4pcs) and instructions that can be combined with all 14 models, Kodansha 'S moving illustrations "MOVE" editorial section with specially prepared separate volume commentary

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