Yo-kai watch 11 Shuura coma NEW from Japan

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Gimmick and the width of play are legend class! Legendary coma, Shura coma to the plum! Legend It is a gorgeous molded color suitable for youkai. Legend class super luxury specification using clear, pearl, metallic! The legendary classic coolness with the pedestal and effect parts! The clear pedestal which imagined the deathbed technique was attached.
You can enjoy the change in facial expressions of burning Han. The eyebrows are in an angry mode. Supersonic mode, Han mode comes with 3 patterns in all. Try replacing and enjoy your expression!
Its Special Move Base x 1, Arm for Technique Pose (Left and Right) x 1, Technique Effect (Left and Right) x 1, Facial Expression Eyebrow (Fire Han) x 1 each
Product content
Molded item x 4, Seal x 1, Assembling instruction x 1

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